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Are you Covered? We are now offering you all insurance covers with ease and convenience


Insure Your Assets

With Chuna sacco we insure your home from any kind of eventuality. As a CHUNA member, we want to ensure your peace of mind.

Car Insurance

Your Car insurance is now minutes away. Worried about premiums? Worry no more. With our BIMA Loan get your premiums revamped and enjoy repayment flexibility.


CHUNA SACCO Mediplan is designed for your comfort in old age.


Brief Overview

01. our mission

We are committed to provide peace of mind to our members through sound insurance and exceptional service. We give you peace of mind with your assets.


02. our promise

When you buy insurance, you’re buying a promise—a promise that if you have a claim, you will be made whole to the extent that is possible. For those who need high-value home insurance or coverage for luxury autos or expensive valuables or collectibles, it is especially important to choose an insurer that will deliver on that promise

03. Vison

At chuna sacco insurance We want to be the insurance agency of choice, dedicated to educating, serving, and protecting all members with the best insurance policies at the right price.

Everything you expect from one of the regions best sacco

Get insured instantly

It's free & easy

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What we do?

Our Services

Giving you peace of mind all the way on everything

In Brief

What We Do?

Personal Insurance
Auto insurance
Homeowner’s Insurance
Life Insurance

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Your Peace of Mind is our Work

While other agencies emphasize the price of coverage, we think it's most important to find the "right" coverage for our members.

 This is what sets us apart, and makes us the best insurance agency you will find.

We're here to help. Contact us today and help is on the way!  #chunaishome

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