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Submitted by ebundi on 23, Mar 2024

Who Can Join Chuna SACCO?

At Chuna SACCO, we believe in inclusivity and welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds to become part of our financial community. Our membership is open to:

  1. Individuals: Whether you're a salaried employee, self-employed, a student, or a retiree, you are eligible to join Chuna SACCO and benefit from our range of financial products and services.

  2. Employees of Partner Organizations: If your organization has a partnership with Chuna SACCO, you may be eligible for membership. Check with your employer or contact us for more information on partnership opportunities.

  3. Residents of the Local Community: We extend our membership to residents of the local community where Chuna SACCO operates, fostering a sense of belonging and support within the neighborhood.

  4. Family Members: Family members of existing Chuna SACCO members are also eligible to join, promoting a culture of family-centric financial planning and support.

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