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About Customer Care

The Marketing and Customer Service department Supervises and directs the workflow of marketing and Customer service. The department is headed by the Marketing and Business Development Manager. It is responsible for the management and administration of the Marketing Department including building market position by locating, developing, defining, negotiating, and closing business relationships; Administering comprehensive marketing plans for Chuna  SACCO within the approved budgets; conducting marketing research and developing new products and services and /or re-branding current products and services of the SACCO to match the market demands; products innovation, marketing, selling and cross selling; liaise with Radio and TV and Sacco Online platforms  to disseminate information on the SACCO, Market the products and services of the SACCO, ensuring that the Model SACCO concept is transferred to Chuna SACCO and providing input to the overall success and growth of the SACCO.


Key Responsibilities:            

  • Undertake product research and business development strategies.
  • Drive all membership development services to enhance loyalty, retention and growth.
  • Develop and implement membership drive strategies according to market trends and member demands.
  • Coordination of Public Relations activities.
  • Promotion of Society’s services and image.
  • Marketing and selling the Society's products both BOSA and FOSA to the members and potential members.
  • Providing proactive Customer outreach
  • Professional handling customer complains
  • Responding to Customer review
  • Collecting and analyzing Customer Feedback.
  • Delivering information about product about Sacco offerings.
Business Development Manager
Insurance Officer